Carnelian Crystal Meaning, History & Lore

Carnelian is a type of Chalcedony that has a joyful, uplifting energy that fills you with the feeling of sitting in front of a fire, or sunning on a beach.  Warmth and comfort. Carnelian helps to keep us energized & motivated throughout the day. It is also used to help stimulate confidence in social situations.  Carnelian represents dawns and sunsets, autumn leaves and joyful gatherings.  

Carnelian serves both to ground you & as an aid in manifestation on the physical plane.  It is helpful for focusing your mind, harnessing energy for action, bringing both confidence and power to the one who is working with the stone.  Known as a stone of PASSION and LUST.

Carnelian History & Lore

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The Carnelian goes back to Ancient Egypt where it took on many roles, from being a stone of fertility to stimulating passion and even provide courage to warriors .

Ancient Egyptians called carnelians “the setting sun” because its orange hues lend it more female, passive, receptive, qualities. The stone links to the rich and fertile menstrual blood of the Isis, a major goddess in the old religion. It is traditionally worn to enhance desire, love, and passion.

Cleansing and Charging Carnelian

Can Carnelian Go in water?

While it’s not recommended, as long as you keep your carnelian stone away from saltwater you should be alright.

Can Carnelian be in the sun?

The best way to cleanse carnelian is sunshine. These sunshine Orange, red, and yellow crystals love sunbathing, so put them out in the natural light for a while to help them recharge.

When to Use Carnelian

  •  If you are looking to increase passion in your life
  • If you are trying to manifest something big
  • if you need to focus your mind
  • if you want an abundance of joyful energy around you
  • if you are looking to be more confident.
  • If you have social anxiety.
  • if you want to attract good fortune.

What Chakra Is Carnelian For?

Carnelians are said to balance and open the sacral chakra, which stores our creative and sexual energies. This energy point is orange, just like the crystal, and attracts power, boosting vitality.

The Carnelian stone is also known as The Singers Stone because it promotes confidence in people performing on stage or in live media. For the timid and shy ones, use this stone to give you a push when speaking to an audience. For those with a job that requires much performance, this stone will help support you in your endeavours.

The Carnelian crystal is also called The Artist’s Stone by promoting energy flow and letting your creatives juices flow. Paint, write, dance, sang, whatever it may be, the Carnelian is here to encourage and bolster your efforts. 

Carnelian stone is also said to be a magnet for prosperity and good luck. It’s often used by people when they need a healthy dose of good fortune. It also functions as a crystal of ambition, determination, and drive

Where to buy Carnelian?

If you are looking for ethically sourced carnelian, we have a few beauties left here.

Why is Carnelian Trending?

Tiktok!  Quite a few accounts in Summer of '21 started talking about the powerful affects of carnelian in their life.  Many had crazy synchronicities related to passion, love and prosperity.  This really is a powerful stone, if you want to harness its fiery energies.




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