Huge CELESTITE Geode Cluster, 7 Lb
Huge CELESTITE Geode Cluster, 7 Lb
Huge CELESTITE Geode Cluster, 7 Lb

Huge CELESTITE Geode Cluster, 7 Lb

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just gorgeous CELESTITE geodes, ethically mined in Madagascar.😍

3206 GRAMS, 7 LBS
7 3/4" x 6 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Celestite is a soft blue crystal, with a lovely gentle uplifting vibration. While it seems on the surface to be just a sweet and gentle stone, it has a strong stimulating effect on spirit and psyche.

A cluster of this lovely blue stone in your room is excellent for your emotional state as it is calming and uplifting.
It aids mental clarity as it clears and sharpens mental faculties.

Use this stone to assist one in remembering dreams, keep a stone under your pillow and a dream journal beside your bed, each night request the aid of the crystal in remembering and each morning just as you awake, write what your memory brings. As dreams are tools to the subconscious uses to help the physical and the conscious heal and evolve, this stone will enhance the process through more lucid dreaming, keeping dream records and as a communication channel between the two realms.

This is a stone for spiritual advancement and is very much a part of your personal journey. This is about making contact with the angels and in particular with the angel who is your guardian throughout life.

These pieces are ethically sourced!


💎The miners receive fair pay, health insurance, holiday and overtime pay. All expenses are covered at the mine, including housing and food.
⛏The miners are provided personal protective equipment as well as air filtering masks.
🌍 They use environmentally sustainable methods of retrieval, as well as restoring native vegetation with replanting projects.
🏫 They have built a beautiful private school and free health clinic for the miners families. All salaries from teachers to doctors are paid for by the owners.