Rare Natural Citrine Crystal Point

Rare Natural Citrine Crystal Point

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Rare Natural Citrine Crystal Terminated Points from the Congo, some will be clusters. You will receive one similar to what is photographed. We hand picked these, but be aware there may be dirt, or chips as these are hard to come by!

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NOT IRRADIATED, not heated!

Citrine is one of two minerals that never needs cleansing. It is said to be one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest. Its also one of the "merchant stones", used to produce more income.

Citrine is a variety of Quartz. Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. It is recognized as a stone of power. It can be used to clear and activate energy centers in the body. Quartz is one of the seven precious substances of Buddhism.

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Tiny 4-10 g,
Extra Small 11-19g
Small 20-29g
Medium 30-55g