Raw Celestite Crystal Sphere
Raw Celestite Crystal Sphere

Raw Celestite Crystal Sphere

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Raw Celestite Crystal Sphere, super amazing and rare because it is so hard to polish celestite into this shape because of the delicate matrix.

1498 grams

3 1/2 inches in diameter

Celestite is a soft blue crystal, with a lovely gentle uplifting vibration. While it seems on the surface to be just a sweet and gentle stone, it has a strong stimulating effect on spiritual and psychic gifts.

Putting this lovely blue stone in your room, it is excellent for your emotional state as it is calming and uplifting.

It aids mental clarity as it clears and sharpens mental faculties.

Use this stone to assist one in remembering dreams, keep a stone under your pillow and a dream journal beside your bed, each night request the aid of the crystal in remembering and each morning just as you awake, write what your memory brings. As dreams are tools to the subconscious uses to help the physical and the conscious heal and evolve, this stone will enhance the process through more lucid dreaming, keeping dream records and as a communication channel between the two realms.

This stone allows you access to the higher transpersonal chakras... and via the crown chakra you open thesoul star chakra.

The eighth chakra is the source of Divine wisdom. Utilizing this area can aid you in the journey towards ascension and supreme enlightenment. At the same time it will help open the third eye chakra, and this may stimulate psychic clairvoyant visionary abilities.

This is a stone for spiritual advancement and is very much a part of your personal journey. This is about making contact with the angels and in particular with the angel who is your guardian throughout life.

This is a stone for all of us... yet healers may like to have a piece in their healing room. This lovely blue mineral exudes a lovely positive healing vibration... and will also help to clear negative energy... and has the healing qualities of assisting the lungs and breathing.

Meditation with celestite will open a clear channel of communication, allowing one to tap into the perfect power of the universe's total love. It will teach you the peaceful trust in acknowledging and accepting that each of us is part of the Divine Plan, and that it is the ebb and flow of ones life which propels you to where you need to be.