Mixed Moonstone Moons

Mixed Moonstone Moons

Do you feel drawn to the wide-open night sky, captivated by its everlasting shimmer? Do the phases of the moon hold a special mystery for you? If so, our Peach and Yellow Moonstone Crescent Moons are calling your name! These beautiful crescent moons bring together two lush shades of moonstone - yellow and peach/red.

For centuries, moonstone has been revered as “the stone for women” - believed to project feminine energy and imbue its wearer with a range of soothing abilities. 

Our Peach and Yellow Moonstone Crescent Moons are carefully polished using only the highest quality moonstone. Most have a lovely flash when exposed to light! Get yours today and let these mesmerizing crescent moons light up your life.

You will receive either a yellow or more red piece.  If you are drawn to a certain color, please just message us or tell us during checkout and we will try to find one in the color you desire.

$5-$20 depending on size! 

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Mixed Moonstone Moons

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