This is a story about Lepidolite

Did you know that Lepidolites' first name was "lilalite" do to its lilac coloring, yet that doesn't quite capture it fully does it? It later was named Lepidolite from the Greek word Lepidos (scale) due to its silver flakes of lithium. This first pictures is Lepidolite Mica mmmmmm. Writing this I can almost Imagine a fairy tale story of a lavender dragon with silver scales named Lila Light. (giggles to self) Let's continue with the story.....

Lila Light was a sweet soul. She loved nothing more than to wait for the Spring daffodils to raise their heads up from the dark cold earth in which they slept over winter. She also loved to fly really... really high. Besides Spring, nothing would make her happier than to take a really big leap with her breath and soar so very high...sometimes she would leave this atmosphere and fly around the cosmos. She felt at home watching shooting stars and back floating through nebulas. Her iridescent scales glittered like stars shimmering wayyyyy up in the sky. She would eventually float back down to earth, find a lovely patch of moss, and take the most delectable of naps. Often dreaming of peace, tranquility, and emotional harmony here on earth, precious Earth. One would wonder if Lila Light is still there somewhere, asleep, dreaming. Moss covering her like a sweet blanket.

The story goes....maybe... just maybe...if you hold onto one of these stones you can sense her dream. You can FEEL her loving sweetness. You can, for a moment or two, release your earthy stresses and rise up through your crown and do a back flip in the floaty nebulas. You can exhale your anxiety and know she is right there with you; soft, gentle, loving, and understanding of your process. A "grand mother stone" that hums you a lullaby to sleep at night. 

****This stone is associated with the sign Libra. My venus is in Libra and I can relate this this sentiment. 

*****Fun fact....Lepidolite all ground up was one of the first eyeshadows! I can see why! 

****Itis kind of a rarer of stones as it only grows with its homie lithium!

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much love, Ina moon~



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