Happy Gemini Full Moon Friends! This Moon is called the Cold Moon and also the last full moon of 2022. We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday,etc... Wow. We have been busy over here crafting up some new fun gift packages,a new Creatrix Perfume Balm, and our Fairy Cnfetti is here! We also just wrapped up a sweet Vending gig "Lil Crafty" check out our Facebook page for fun videos and pictures or to see where we will be next! Just so everyone knows....we have a coupon code going out in our Newsletter on Friday for 25% off your order so you can keep saving all the way through the new year! Stay warm tonight whereveryou are and dont forget to put your crystals and some drinking water out to charge in the bright full moon light! xoxoxoxo (ina and Eva)

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