We Discovered a NEW Family Owned Canadian Based Mine!

We Discovered a NEW Family Owned Canadian Based Mine!

Load image into Gallery viewer, Vesuvianite and Garnet Heart, New Find!

When we went to the Tucson Gem Show, we were so fortunate to have stumbled upon (not literally...thank goodness) a new Family owned and run shop Silver Cove.

Chris and Melissa Robak were so helpful, friendly, and welcoming! To our delight we got to hear all about a new stone that was just ethically unearthed from their Canadian mine. The stone is called Grossular Garnet with Vesuvianite!!!! Good luck finding this beauty! It is a rare treat to be able to help introduce this stone to Crystal Lovers! When I hold onto it (a giant heart of this stuff is currently in my lap as I type) I feel calm and peaceful. I am feeling clear. When I take a deep breath with it it seems to help me to breath deeper. It is very clear. And being a stone pretty much brand new it has not been handled by many before it comes to you! We got as much as we could, the smaller hearts sold out in ONE day! I am pretty interested in hearing from you what you can feel in your body when you hold onto this lovely stone! Feel free to message me about it! We only bought so much..... so click on the link and get one for yourself before they sell out I am sure this is one you do not have in your collection yet!!  

Much love,

Ina Moon~

p.s What a great Mother's Day gift this could be for someone!

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