Aragonite Crystal Cluster

Aragonite Crystal Cluster

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Aragonite - Stone of Insight & Balance, some specimens may be bicolored, with white and orange. You choose size in drop down menu, this is for ONE piece.

The ancient stories tell us that Aragonite was associated with the Goddess Amaterasu, the Shinto Goddess of the Sun and all life created and sustained by it. Amaterasu’s brother, The Storm God, it is told, unleashed great violence in the Heavens and on Earth. Shocked and ashamed, Amaterasu fled, depriving the Earth and other planets of light and warmth.

Although the other Shinto deities begged Amaterasu from exile, nothing would console her, until Uzume, Goddess of Mirth, performed an outrageous dance that had all the Kami (Shintu Deities) laughing and giggling. Amaterasu curious about all the commotion, peeped from her hideaway to see what was happening. Uzume, then revealed a mirror to Amaterasu, and when she saw her own radiance in the presence of all the Kami, she was able to understand her light as a counter balance to her brother’s darkness, and realized she was very much needed. With this acceptance and understanding, Amaterasu and the Sun shone through the darkness.

Traditionally, it is said that Aragonite is a powerful grounding stone, wonderfully useful for deep, peaceful, and centering meditation. Aragonite radiates warmth and grounding from the center as a seed of a soul that manifests its life through daily experiences and events. This stone helps one understand how each individual relates to the Universe as a whole, reminding each soul of their true center.

Aragonite is a wonderful stone for families and companionship, helping to calm ones inner restlessness and unsteady nerves, aiding in emotional balance and direct energy to persevere and move past old emotional limitations, so those involved may enjoy and experience more of all that life has to offer.

Attuned to the earth as well as the Great Mother/Earth Goddess, Aragonite assists in stabilizing, grounding and balancing the emotions helping each being to breeze through life’s challenges with a steady hand and clear head. A reliable earth healer, Aragonite encourages earth conservation and recycling, transforming geopathic stress and turning it into positive energy.

This stone will assist in preparation for meditation and stabilizing spiritual development by aiding in concentration, bringing flexibility and tolerance to one’s mind. Aragonite teaches patience, acceptance, and provides support for those who feel overwhelmed in their situation.

This same gentle loving energy may help one to once again, or possibly for the first time, to feel comfortable in the physical body that they reside as well as helping one to be content with life and/or relationships, understanding that these are seeds of true happiness and love.

To recharge Aragonite, place the stone in gentle/indirect sunlight for at least an hour