LABRADORITE freeform 200g-599 grams

LABRADORITE freeform 200g-599 grams

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Ya'll these are beautiful, heavy labradorite freeforms. You choose size. We picked these out by hand for the gorgeous bright flashes of blue, green, gold, purple and grey.
***Some may have tiny chips!
***Some may have purple flashes!
***Some may have rainbow flashes!

Labradorite is a type of feldspar, known for its spectral colors lighting itself up as from the inside like magic! Hold the crystal and move it around and see how mesmerizing the flashes are as the light hits them.

Labradorite is one of my favorite protective stones, holding ones aura in balance and protected, and enhancing the bridge betweent he physical and ethereal worlds.

Labradorite provides light from other planetary beings to the soul. "The labradorescence is a luminescence, derived from extra-terrestial origin, which is enclosed in the mineral to bring the galactic evolved energies from other worlds to the Earth plane."

This is new stock, ethically sourced in Madagascar.


💎The miners receive fair pay, health insurance, holiday and overtime pay. All expenses are covered at the mine, including housing and food.
⛏The miners are provided personal protective equipment as well as air filtering masks.
🌍 They use environmentally sustainable methods of retrieval, as well as restoring native vegetation with replanting projects.
🏫 They have built a private school and free health clinic for the miners families. All salaries from teachers to doctors are paid for by the Owners.